Notice for patients:

During these trying times, Wesley Pathology Consultants remains your partner in delivering timely, accurate, and personal pathology services. We are here to help.

We are excited to announce a partnership with Fairmarket Health and Cypress Surgery Center that provides an alternative for one-click scheduling of your health care needs. Please visit them at

As a patient, you can rest assured that we navigate complex payor relationships with your insurance company and Medicare every day. If you have any questions or concerns, or don't have insurance, we are here to assist you as well. As both providers of health care and as patients, we understand the stress of medical procedures and the stress of paying for them. We are here to help.

Pathology Services

What sets us apart?

With the region’s best-equipped pathology laboratory, experienced and dedicated pathologists, and compassionate customer service, your patients receive both the very best in accurate and timely pathology results and financial support.

World-class physicians:

All of our pathologists are board certified in both anatomic and clinical pathology.and live and work in Wichita.  They are available to visit with you with any concerns or questions you might have with your patient’s diagnosis and look forward to partnering with your patients in their journey towards health and quality of life.

World-class customer service:

Our customer service department understands the stress that comes in dealing with the financial side of healthcare. We are available to help navigate the complicated landscape of insurance claims, deductibles, and co-pays. Your patients can pre-qualify for healthcare, receive free estimates of potential costs, and pay their bills on-line or in interest-free installments. We are dedicated to transparent and efficient billing practices.

Rapid Turn Around Time:

In 90% of the cases, you will receive the results of your patient’s GI biopsies and OB Gyn biopsies withing 24 hours. For more complex cases, you will receive your results within 7 days 90% of the time.  In more complex  cases that require additional testing, the final diagnosis may be delayed, however, our pathologists are always available to visit with you as you wait for that final diagnosis.

Clinical Pathology:

Our medical team supervises the region’ most comprehensive and state-of-the art medical laboratory. We are a regional reference lab for a multitude of tests and look forward to providing any of the services that you need from urinalysis to microbiology.

Blood bank and Transfusion Medicine:

We offer bloodbank and transfusion consultation 24-7 with our board-certified blood bank pathologist.

Partner in Dental Care Excellence:

We understand the specialized needs of dental care providers. With over 100 years combined experience, same-day turn around on 95% of oral biopsies, and as patient-participants, we would love to partner with you in providing excellent dental care. If you are interested in how we can serve you, please don’t hesitate to call our business manager, Geoff Snook, at (316) 962-2877.